New Johnny Loo

To celebrate the launch of my new website (many thanks to Vanessa Leone for her artistic flair and patience with a technology-challenged client), let me recount a very different launch -- that of Curren Victor Robson, our second grandson, born in a rather unexpected manner.

My son, Chris, called us at about 5am to tell us his wife, Heidi, was having contractions and to please come. When Barry and I got there, we could hear her yelling from the driveway! Contractions a minute apart! Yikes!

Inside, Heidi was on all fours in the passage, bellowing. Chris was trying to get her to go out to the car but she was having none of it. Rufus the cat was assisting by rubbing her belly! Heidi only made it as far as the bathroom before the baby’s head started to appear. Very quick call to 911!

Barry took Wesley, who is almost four, into the living room. In the bathroom, I grabbed a couple clean towels from the cupboard. We put the dispatcher on speaker and I held the cell near Chris’s ear. He literally caught the baby before he hit the bathroom floor. Chris put him on Heidi's chest and the dispatcher told us to find something to tie the cord. Of course I didn't have a clue where to look. Even tried pulling a shoelace out of a sneaker in my panic! Duh, that would have been hygienic! Chris kept muttering, "I don't think I'm ready to cut the cord."

But thank God that's when the firefighters arrived. Six big, handsome young men. They carried Heidi to the living room sofa, cut and secured the cord, and took Chris, Heidi and the baby to hospital by ambulance.

The bathroom looked like a war zone, and Barry and I were definitely shell-shocked. We did our best to clean the bathroom and then we took Wesley to the hospital to meet his new brother. By the time we arrived, little Curren was sleeping peacefully on Heidi’s chest. He’s the dearest little thing and, because of his choice of birthing room, his nickname is Johnny Loo . Phew!