Puerto Nuevo - Baja’s Lobster Village

QUESTION: What should you never do in months without an “R”?

ANSWER: Eat lobster! In May, June, July and August lobsters aren’t in season. But never mind, it’s nearly SeptembeR! Meantime, sorry if the picture makes you drool. Does me!

Puerto Nuevo is a small fishing village about 50 minutes south of the border. Next to the bus stop, where the welcoming arches now stand, there used to be a billboard advertising New Port cigarettes. The Gringos named the village after that sign, which, translated into Spanish, is Puerto Nuevo!

In the 50s, the Plasencia family settled the area, drawn by tales of good lobster fishing – get the pun? The Ortega family followed in the 70s and opened four restaurants. Now, Puerto Nuevo boasts 35 restaurants, all serving the same thing: pan-fried lobster with steaming bowls of rice, beans, and fresh handmade tortillas.

In GUADALUPE’S GIFT, Carlos and Kate stop there for lunch in a red Ford 350 truck belonging to the DEA. Why the DEA truck? You’ll have to read the book to find out. But I digress.

Carlos buys Kate a pretty pendant from a street vendor and, once in the Puerto Nuevo II Restaurant (one of the first and still one of the most popular restaurants in Puerto Nuevo) he calms her fears by spearing a tender piece of lobster, dipping it in melted butter and popping it into her mouth. Damn, I’m drooling again.

So why not head down to Baja and satisfy your lobster cravings during lobster season (October thru March), when Puerto Nuevo celebrates its annual Beer and Lobster Festival and the Steak & Lobster Fest on Avenida Rentería, Puerto Nuevo's main drag.