This week, we head for the rough and tumble City of Ensenada. Sprawled along the edge of the Bahía de Todos Santos, it’s often packed at weekends with partying Southern Californians and crowds of cruise-ship passengers.

What to do in Ensenada? In GUADALUPE’S GIFT, Kate and Carlos stashed their ill-gotten loot there. But hopefully, you’ll have a more carefree time on our vicarious vacation.

For starters, go pay homage at Hussong's, the oldest cantina in Mexico, and the place where the margarita was born. Once you find your way in, you'll have a hard time finding your way out. The clientele is still mostly local, and it’s a great place to hang out, shoot the breeze, and get silly on the mother of all margaritas.

Then there’s La Bufadora, a not-to-be-missed stretch of coastline where a blowhole shoots seawater high into the air with every crashing wave. It’s beautiful and you’ll join the other visitors ooohing and aaahing at each eruption. You won’t leave empty-handed or hungry either. Around the blowhole there are a few restaurants, and vendors selling souvenirs and Mexican snacks like churros or coconut milk straight from the shell.

After all that excitement, you’ll want to unwind on the beach and enjoy a peaceful, luxurious day or two. The Estero Beach Hotel would be perfect. Not the easiest approach through the back streets, but beautiful once you’ve arrived. Simply step outside to relax on the hotel's beach, in the spa, on the tennis courts, or in the pool. Have breakfast steps from the sand, or a cocktail at the swim-up bar.