Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs

If you’re adventurous enough to follow the route taken by Carlos and Kate in GUADALUPE’S GIFT, you’ll be enchanted by Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs, the next stop on their romantic romp through Baja, Mexico. It’s a secluded oasis in the rugged mountains and canyons of the Sierra de Juarez, just 50 miles south of the California border.

Palm tree fronds rattle in the wind. Warm water trickles into steaming ponds where swallows swoop for insects. Campsites nestle among huge boulders, each with a private natural hot tub and a woven palm palapa to shade and shelter you.

During the day, there are hiking trails to natural pools and waterfalls among the granite hills, and to caves with ancient pictographs. And from every campsite, there are sweeping views across the desert floor below.

In the evenings, sunsets paint the sky red and peach and turquoise - cocktail time at the oasis. Light a campfire to cook on and dream by, under night skies awash in stars. And what could be more romantic than gazing at the heavens while soaking in your own private hot tub? Ah! Warm healing water relaxing your body and your mind.

Carlos has chosen this location well! He knows a thing or two about seducing senoritas. But my novel is young yet and there will be many a mis-step ahead for our Hero and Heroine. After all, this senorita is a gringa city girl, unused to such machismo and unversed in the pitfalls of the great outdoors.