Loved the book! I liked the history in it as well as the personal touch. It certainly will keep you interested in what's happening. EXCELLENT! -  R. Davis


I enthusiastically recommend this book for adults and youngsters alike for a better understanding of the transition from Apartheid to democracy and freedom for the African people. The trials and tribulations of that transition authentically rendered by the author. Bravo Ann Robson! -  Rosemary / Sonoma


Having lived in Southern Africa and Rhodesia for many years, this book attracted my interest. And I am not disappointed, AT ALL!  It has several aspects to the story that keep you in suspense, and also gives you an insight into the turmoil which young black people went through during this time.  It is written in a lively and captivating way so I recommend this book highly to both those who have lived in this part of the world, been there, or are simply interested in a vital part of world history.  Thank you Ann Robson, for writing such a delightful book. -  Marion Welp

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In San Diego, Kate, a play-by-the-rules teacher with untamable red hair, meets Carlos, handsome Mexican sculptor and irrepressible Casanova. Employing charm and Margaritas, he persuades her to go camping with him in Baja. Kate realizes Carlos is reckless and a little crazy but he’s the most exciting man she’s ever met.

Their romantic romp turns ugly when a small plane crashes in the mountains and they discover a briefcase of drug money in the wreckage. Carlos is ecstatic. Kate is horrified. Of course Kate’s right. Never meddle in the workings of the drug trade. 






Twenty-five-year-old twins, Zack and Zoe Elliott, never knew their father. After their mother's death, they find a love-letter, written to her before they were born. The writer was sailing around the world. His next stop -- Mozambique. Could this be their father?

Zack dives headlong into the hunt. Zoe follows reluctantly. They journey to Mozambique, a primitive land half a world away, where Africa seeps like a seductive drumbeat into Zoe's psyche. Whether or not their hunt is successful, this trip will change their lives forever in ways neither of them could have predicted.